The Powercatch concept

Powercatch is a work order, project management and task management system for power grid operators, based on Atlassian JIRA. It supports the most important workflows for planners, managers and field technicians. Powercatch gathers all tasks in one place, resulting in better monitoring, resource management, information flow and more efficient operations.



Maps are a central part of the Powercatch concept, both for planners and technicians in the field, and helps them plan and perform their tasks efficiently.  The Mapit for JIRA add-on provides a dashboard map gadget, which is used by planners and resource managers to

  • View and search for planned, ongoing and completed tasks

  • View and search for network infrastructure (by integration with network information systems)

  • Select between different map sources

  • Track technicians in the field for safety purposes


Powercatch mobile 

The Powercatch app for Android devices gives field technicians one tool containing all the necessary information to perform and document work in the field. Tasks are displayed in list form, as well as in a calendar and in a mobile map within the app. For each task, the technician can collect data, document safety analysis, take pictures and log work.  The app can also be integrated with navigation apps.