Kuldemedie is built by ReSight in cooperation with Norpe, and handles control and reporting of refrigeration equipment. is based on Atlassian JIRA, with a number of adaptations and custom-built add-ons, in combination with the mobile application Mobile Data Studio by CreativityCorp.



Plussplan is a tool for maintenance and development in housing associations and building societies. Plussplan gives the boards of the housing associations an overview of the current maintenance needs, making planning easier. 

ReSight has built Plussplan i cooperation with the building societies TOBB and Bonord

Plussplan is based on Atlassian JIRA and Atlassian Confluence, with several adaptations and custom-built add-ons. The mobile application Mobile Data Studio by CreativityCorp is used for data registration in the field, and is integrated with JIRA. 


Coop Nord

Coop Nord owns and runs 71 stores in 22 municipalities in Northern Norway. In addition, they own and run three shopping centers in the region. With a revenue of approximately 2.7 billion NOK in 2012, and around 1000 employees, Coop Nord is one of the biggest companies in the region. ReSight has designed and developed a solution based on Atlassian JIRA and Confluence that helps Coop Nord maintain and operate their properties.



BankID provides simple and secure online identification, meeting the official requirements that apply to identity verification and binding electronic signature. BankID is used by all the banks in Norway and can be used by all organisations and enterprises. ReSight supports BankID with setup, installation and configuration of Atlassian products, including JIRA Software, Confluence and HipChat.


Sector Alarm

Sector Alarm delivers alarm solutions for private houses as well as businesses. Sector Alarm currently protects more than 479.000 households and businesses in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Spain. Resight helps Sector Alarm with setup, installation and configuration of Atlassian products. 


OCS/Mintra Group

OCS is a part of Mintra Group, who delivers e-learning services and software for shipping and offshore industries. ReSight helps OCS with setup, installation and configuration of Atlassian JIRA and Confluence.



Zaptec was founded in 2012 and has established itself and its technology as a leading challenger in the rapidly growing market for solutions for charging electric vehicles. Zaptec uses several Atlassian products, and ReSight has provided consulting services as well as custom add-on development. 


Seagull Maritime

Seagull Maritime delivers competence management solutions and e-learning material for seafarers worldwide, and offers a comprehensive library of training and onboard courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge. Seagull’s solutions have been delivered to more than 9400 ships and office installations around the world. Seagull uses several Atlassian products, and ReSight provides consulting services.