Nettalliansen is a cooperation between a number of grid owners in Norway, for sharing knowledge and procurement. Nettalliansen takes care of their owners' interests though establishing attractive shared services. As of 2018, Nettalliansen is owned by 46 grid companies.

Through an agreement with Rejlers Embriq, Powercatch is offered as a shared work order system for companies in Nettalliansen. The following companies are already on board:

  • Hålogaland Kraft Nett

  • Hallingdal Kraftnett

  • Hammerfest Energi

In addition to Powercatch, Confluence is offered for intranet and user manuals in the same project, and is used by:

  • Hålogaland Kraft Nett

  • Hallingdal Kraftnett

  • Stryn Energi


Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk

Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk AS, NTE, is one of Norway's largest producers and distributors of clean and renewable energy, power sales, fiber-based broadband and electronics services. 

NTE entered an agreement with Resight in may 2018 for consulting and development on the Atlassian platform.


Smart meter rollout: Nettalliansen, Soria, Vokks and Hafslund Nett

Powercatch is used as a work order system in several large projects rolling out smart electricity meters in Norway.  In these projects, Resight is a subcontractor to Rejlers Embriq and OneCo. More than 300 000 meter replacements and other work orders will be completed through these projects, and Powercatch is used for planning, booking, dispatching and resource management, as well as a tool for technicians in the field.

In june 2018, a contract was signed between Resight and Hafslund Nett for using Powercatch for smart meter rollout in parts of their grid.

In the video below you can see a presentation recorded at Atlassian Summit 2017. Helene tells about the project and how it was solved.


TrønderEnergi Nett

TrønderEnergi Nett is one of the largest distributors of electrical power to households and businesses in central Norway. Powercatch is being established as the solution for all resource management, and will be used for all types of work orders within the company. In addition, several integrations with underying systems will be implemented as part of the deal.


Dalane Energi

Dalane Energi is owned by the municipalities Eigersund, Sokndal, Lund and Bjerkreim. Their vision is to provide a stable and affordable electricity supply to households, institutions and businesses in the region. Dalane Energi uses Powercatch for tasks related to grid operations and maintenance, as well as customer inquiries.



In 2018 and 2019, Resight has worked together with Equinor on a study, where the main goal is to investigate how to optimize operations and maintenance on Johan Castberg, by using the best available technology.


Helgeland Kraft Nett

Helgeland Kraft produces renewable energy and delivers power to the Helgeland region. They also sell electricity to consumers and businesses across Norway. Helgeland Kraft Nett has used Powercatch for maintenance work in their grid since 2014, and are planning to extend the use of Powercatch in the future. 


Røros E-verk

Røros Elektrisitetsverk (REV) is localised in the Røros municipality, and both produces electricity and operates the regional power grid. Powercatch will be set into production at Røros Elektisitetsverk in the near future.


Vesterålskraft Nett

Vesterålskraft Nett owns and operates the regional power grid in the municipalities of Bø, Sortland and Øksnes. Vesterålskraft Nett uses Powercatch for maintenance tasks in the power grid.


MIP Kraftnett

Mo Industripark has a dedicated department - MIP Kraftnett - for distribution of electrical power to the businesses and customers in the industrial park. MIP Kraftnett uses Powercatch as a work order system for operations and maintenance.