Put your JIRA issues on the map


Mapit is an add-on for Atlassian JIRA that displays your issues in a map. 

By geotagging your JIRA issues, you can keep track of the exact location where the work needs to be done, or where the issue originated from. Mapit shows these issues in a map gadget powered by Leaflet and OpenStreetMap.

  • Display geotagged issues from your favorite filters in Mapit

  • Quickly assess issue status or priority by looking at the pin color

  • Select issues in Mapit and view them in the JIRA issue navigator

  • Search for addresses and issue data in the map

  • Automatically geotag new issues by creating them directly from the map, or using the position of attached images

  • Alter the position of an issue by moving it in the map to the new position

  • Plan your travel: from the issue popup, navigate directly to the Google Maps route planner

Mapit for JIRA is available from the Atlassian Marketplace, and can be evaluated free of charge for 30 days.